Portable Dr. Mario Action Powered By The Sun

Portable Dr. Mario Action Powered By The Sun


That’s crazy talk! While all of your friends could be enjoying Contra 4 on the DS or SOCOM on the PSP, you can show off this solar-powered unit that can handle all sorts of NES classics. Sure, it treads a little carefully on the legal front, but the MediaStreet eMotion PMP comes preinstalled with both NES and Sega Genesis emulators.

What this means is that you have full access to such classics as Ecco the Dolphin, Dr. Mario, and yes, even Excitebike. In addition to the emulators, this PMP also gets equipped with a 3-inch color display, 2GB of internal memory, video support, audio playback, photo viewer, SD memory expansion, and an integrated speaker. It’s also got a Game Gear-esque form factor.

But the real kicker, in case you haven’t noticed, is that this thing is solar powered, meaning that you will never need to find a power outlet ever again. Price has been set at $169.