Vertu Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Colorful Leather Backs

Vertu Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Colorful Leather Backs


Vertu is a brand that is best known for producing remarkably high quality cell phones that get wrapped up in diamonds, platinum, leather, crystals, jewels, and other expensive accessories that send their price tags through the roof. The company has been at the game for ten years now and to celebrate this milestone, Vertu is launching the Monogram Constellation collection.

As before, these high-end Vertu phones come in a standard candybar form factor and will be produced by Nokia, but when you flip them over to the back, you’ll discover just a little more personality. That’s because the textured leather backing will be available in a myriad of colors, including green, blue, and pink. The distinctive V monogram is found on the metal plate.

Nokia hasn’t indicated what sort of pricing we should expect for the Vertu Monogram Constellation, but it’s one of those things where if you have to ask, you probably don’t want to know. Look for them April 1st. No fooling.