Microsoft LucidTouch Tablet PC Is Semi-Transparent

Microsoft LucidTouch Tablet PC Is Semi-Transparent


As cool as touchscreen displays may be, one of their biggest problems is that your hand (or stylus) will always obscure a portion of the display, making it difficult to be perfectly accurate while still being able to see everything. Microsoft is hard at work developing something that they call LucidTouch technology and what it does is take the touchscreen concept and wraps it around the back.

The display itself becomes semi-transparent, meaning that you can still see all the regular Windows stuff on the screen while being able to manipulate it through multi-touch around the back. You can actually see a silhouette of your hand, but this does not obscure the display the way it would if you were tapping on the front (which also works).

As far as we can tell, the prototype still has “a long way to go”, but Microsoft is trudging ahead with this endeavor and we hope that they’ll have something usable soon.