Anti-iPhone Clone Powered by Windows Mobile 6

Anti-iPhone Clone Powered by Windows Mobile 6


If the iPhone is known as the Jesus Phone, then I’m a little afraid to ask what you should be calling this iPhone clone. It’s like the complete opposite; they’ve even turned the Apple logo around so that the “bite” is taken out of the left side and not the right. Blasphemy, I say. Blasphemy!

Powered by Windows Mobile 6.0, this 3.2-inch touchscreen-equipped cell phone is clearly borrowing its styling cues from the Apple iPhone, complete with a Cupertino-flavored home screen. The front and back cameras are a little different, but if people didn’t know any better, they’d swear that they were looking at the iPhone’s evil twin.

The rest of the features include TOUCH FLO (I don’t think HTC has anything to do with this) smart operation interface and “real-time sliding interface”, built-in Office software, real-time email, GPS, and “unique memory card encryption technology to prevent information leakage.” Rounding out the specs are GPRS/EDGE, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, and a 200MHz TI OMAP850 processor.