More Details Surrounding T-Mobile Coming to Canada

More Details Surrounding T-Mobile Coming to Canada


We already know that there is going to be a spectrum auction later this year that could introduce a fourth national cell phone provider in Canada and one of the candidates happens to be Deutsche Telekom. You might know them best by their T-Mobile branding. As we get closer to releasing Rogers’ stranglehold on the Canadian GSM market, more details are emerging regarding T-Mobile’s bid for entry.

Deutsche Telekom has already been pre-approved for a financing and protocol agreement and they have already been pre-approved for testing roaming, cell tower reception and international data agreements. In compliance with Canadian Business Ethics law, the Canadian wing of T-Mo will have to be Canadian. And yes, they already own the patent to T-Mobile in Canada thanks to the US Patent Office international exchange program.

And now for the juicy stuff. Should everything go according to plan, T-Mobile will launch in Canada in 2009 and they will likely drop the floor on wireless data. An unlimited BlackBerry plan will be priced at $75 a month, “basically telling Rogers to go screw themselves.” They also mention that T-Mobile will be introducing many of the same devices as those found in the States, including the Sidekick line and HTC smartphones.