Canon HF10 AVCHD Camcorder Improves On HV20

Canon HF10 AVCHD Camcorder Improves On HV20


It seems like almost everyone has an HDTV these days, so it’s only a matter of time before we’re all rocking out to HD camcorders too. The Canon HV20 HDV camcorder was pretty cool when it was released, but recording that content onto DV is so last year. The newly announced Canon HF10 AVCHD camcorder improves upon the HV20 on several fronts, including an SDHC card slot for expansion.

That memory card slot is in addition to the 16GB of internal memory, so you should have a decent amount of space for storing all your high-definition home memories. Other features include three framerate options (24p, 30p, and 60i), 17Mbps video bandwidth, and an effective recording resolution of 1920 x 1080. It can also take 3MP still photos, though it takes “an abnormal amount of time to record and review an image when captured to the internal Flash memory.”

After an extensive multi-page review, the guys at CamcorderInfo conclude that the HF10 is “a great camcorder, definitely the first great AVCHD camcorder. That’s no small feat.”