Useful Phone Charm Hides Integrated Data Cable

Useful Phone Charm Hides Integrated Data Cable


I’m sure you’ve seen them. From soccer moms to their teenage daughters, it seems like there is a growing trend to attach personality-enhancing charms to our cell phones. It might be Hello Kitty, a cute panda, or any number of other items. Some even have flashing lights. Whatever the case, cell phone charms don’t really offer any real-world utility.

The Plug It phone charm is a little different. While they still give you an opportunity to express yourself, this charm comes with a little secret… and it’s a functional secret. Hidden with the “hunk of plastic junk” is a complete data cable. The cable can not only be used for transferring pictures and ringtones, it can probably be used for charging your handset on the go too.

The Plug It phone charm is available for a number of different cell phone models and it comes in a range of colors. The major notable exception is Sony Ericsson, but SE should be getting some charging charm love in the coming months. Buy a Plug It phone charm for about 12 bucks.