Let’s Get Loud: Olympus Mju 1020 Digital Camera

Let’s Get Loud: Olympus Mju 1020 Digital Camera


Walk down the camera aisle of your favorite electronics retailer and you’ll likely be flooded by a sea of gray, silver, and black. It seems that camera manufacturers have forgotten that there are other colors in the spectrum beyond grayscale, but Olympus is aiming to change that with the limited edition Mju 1020.

Not only does this camera infuse a little color into your picture-taking life, it does so in a swirly and stylish pattern that looks like it was ripped out of the ’70s. Production on the specially-painted Olympus Mju 1020 will be limited to just 5,000 units. The colorful skins are designed by artist Matei Apostolescu.

Other than its eccentric exterior, the limited edition cam has the same guts as its not-so-loud counterpart. This includes a 10.1 megapixel image sensor, 7x optical zoom, 23 scene modes, dual image stabilization, VGA video at 30fps, and an optional case for underwater shooting.