“Float Away” Laptop Helps Keep Components Cool

“Float Away” Laptop Helps Keep Components Cool


How is it possible that no one has considered something like this before? After all, one of the biggest issues with notebook computers is heat, especially when a vent on the underside is unnecessarily obstructed.

Designer Young Hwan Kim has dreamed up a laptop concept that he calls “Float Away.” The key here is not how fast is the processor or how much hard drive space is housed within, but rather the clever configuration of lifting the primary laptop components a couple centimeters above the desk, letting the heat vent out through ports on either side. In a sense, it’s like a built-in laptop cooler.

By integrating a little “lift bar” into the design, the back of the notebook is slightly elevated and thus, air is able to freely pass through the middle. The additional benefit is that the keyboard is now slightly more ergonomic too.