FCC Approves: Old People Need Big Buttons

FCC Approves: Old People Need Big Buttons


Some of you young whipper-snappers may be perfectly content with cramming as many buttons as you can on your phones, squinting as you read the tiniest of SMS messages on your high-resolution color display. For older folks, they may be only interested in making a call or two and they want the process to be as painless as possible.

Passing through the offices at the FCC is the senior-minded EmporiaLife mobile. As you can tell, its most notable features are the huge buttons for accepting and rejecting calls. Navigating through the menu is equally simple with the giant up and down arrow buttons wedged in between.

Strangely, the people behind the EmporiaLife have opted for a monochrome display for this slider rather than a color screen. I’d imagine that seniors would still want color, wouldn’t they? Or is monochrome just easier to read? To make matters even more interesting, power comes from AAA batteries!