All-Electric BMW Coming to the States in 2012

All-Electric BMW Coming to the States in 2012


Is BMW going green? A new report on the German automaker appears to be pointing in that direction, indicating that the United States may be receiving an all-electric Bimmer by 2012. It’s unclear exactly what sort of size (or price) this new BMW will be, so we can’t say for certain whether it’ll be a sporty number like the Tesla Roadsterk, a generic-looking sedan, or hopped-up crossover.

BMW also has not said whether this all-electric vehicle will even be manufactured on their own. They are considering the possibility of having the work outsourced to a major US automaker. This isn’t the first time that BMW has partnered with a domestic automaker.

Norbert Reithofer, BMW CEO,k says that they will likely “make a battery-powered ecologically compatible car for the U.S. market” with a target launch date of 2012. Nissan also has an all-electric in development for the same time period.