Pocket-Sized Buffalo USB Drive Packs 500 Gigabytes

Pocket-Sized Buffalo USB Drive Packs 500 Gigabytes


Some people need to lug around massive amounts of information, but they can’t be bothered to carry one of those external 3.5-inch hard drives that need a separate power supply. What can they do when they got gigs upon gigs of, ahem, important documents?

The Buffalo MiniStation TurboUSB portable hard drive is now available with an incredible 500GB of storage and the kicker is that all you need is a USB connection. No need to fret about external power and the size of this thing isn’t much bigger than a deck of cards. The USB cord can even wrap around the perimeter for extra portability.

They’re also including some free security software and the hard drive has been shock-mounted for extra safety. Perhaps the best part about carrying around half a terabyte in your pocket is that it costs just $329. I guess that beats my 4GB USB flash drive, huh?