New iPhone Unlimited Voice Plan Limits Text Messages

New iPhone Unlimited Voice Plan Limits Text Messages


There’s good news and there’s bad news for iPhone owners, because AT&T has just announced a new plan for the iPhone. Following in the recent trend of unlimited-ness, this iPhone plan will let you yak up to your heart’s content, because it does not place a cap on the number of voice minutes you use. Talk all you want, get charged just the same.

For $120 a month, iPhone owners gain access to unlimited minutes, which includes the usual stuff like visual voicemail, evenings and weekends, rollover minutes, and unlimited mobile to mobile. Figuring out how you rollover unlimited minutes might be an exercise in futility, but there you are. And yes, like the other iPhone plans, this one has unlimited data too.

The big part of the picture that’s missing, however, are SMS text messages. The $120 plan offers a mere 120 text messages and anything above and beyond that will cost you 20 cents each.