Vodafone Otello Does Image Search Backwards

Vodafone Otello Does Image Search Backwards


Gah! Who is that again? What is this again? You’ve probably come across the situation where you see something or someone, and then you inevitably can’t remember the darndest thing about this object or person. It can be a pretty frustrating experience.

Vodafone has a relatively new technology on display at CeBIT where you are able to take a picture, send it over via MMS, and receive search results about the subject of your photo. Dubbed Otello, the Vodafone mobile search tool sounds like it could be pretty handy. It’s like Google Image Search in reverse… and mobile.

Unfortunately, the product rep at CeBIT couldn’t get the demo to work the way they said it would. I guess they have some kinks to iron out before Otello can go live.