Sega i-spin Robot Speaker Dances To the Music

Sega i-spin Robot Speaker Dances To the Music


Is there seriously a market for doo-dahs like this? Sega has already released the i-Dog, i-Cat, and i-Platypus (okay, maybe not the last one), so I guess they figure there’s money to be made in robotic speakers for our portable music players.

The latest offering from Sega is the i-spin, and it appears to be a robotic egg that’ll connect to your iPod, pumping out the tunes via the speaker while spinning around like a caffeine-infused robot. That’s right, it’s yet another dancing robot for, well, no real reason whatsoever.

I realize that bloggers can get a little lonely sometimes, sitting at their computers all day, but looking for companionship through a spinning robot speaker is not the way to go. For more info, check out the official page.