Latest iPhone Application Really AIMs to Please

Latest iPhone Application Really AIMs to Please


Now that the iPhone SDK is available for download, it’s only a matter of time before the iTunes App Store gets bombarded with all sorts of cool programs and games for the Apple-fueled masses. Even before that happens, Steve Jobs is outfitting the iPhone with some pretty cool apps of their own, including this AIM client. Feel free to LOL, IDK, and BRB at will.

Well, the application isn’t coming straight from Steve Jobs and Cupertino. This only makes sense, but the AIM client will be released through our good friends at AOL. Yeah, remember them? The same guys that filled our local newspapers with free trials via CD? They’re still around, you know…

Anyways, the AIM client will presumably be included with the iPhone 2.0 update, which is scheduled for release some time in June. The iPhone AIM client supports invisible mode and you can “swipe” between conversations.