HTC Developing Mobile Internet Device For This Year

HTC Developing Mobile Internet Device For This Year


Although some people are saying that the Mobile Internet Device (MID) market is getting cannibalized by the release of sub-notebooks like the Asus Eee PC, there is still a demand for handheld web surfers with displays larger than a smartphone. HTC is already highly respected for its PocketPC phones, so it wouldn’t be a quantum leap for the company to produce a Mobile Internet Device like the Nokia N810 Tablet.

As it turns out, HTC could very well be working on an Intel-powered MID for later this year. In a sense, the unnamed handheld could just be a slightly larger version of the HTC Touch or even a modified rendition of the HTC Advantage. The idea is that the MID would boast a stronger, faster processor, granting users an experience closer to what they’d get on a real computer.

It’s hard to say exactly when HTC would unleash its first Mobile Internet Device onto the market, but early estimates say that the pricing will fall in the $600 to $800 range.