Howard Forums Might Get Shut Down

Howard Forums Might Get Shut Down


This is bad. This is very bad. Cell phone enthusiasts have relied on Howard Forums for quite some time now, both for discussion and for news, but it turns out that the popular forum could be shut down.

Howard Chui, founder of Howard Forums, is saying that MobiTV is trying to shut down the site because of a post that one of the members made. MobiTV set up some URLs that their customers can access from mobile phones and these are meant to provide access to paid streaming video content. MobiTV didn’t secure these URLs with any sort of password and then a HoFo member let everyone know.

Chui refused to remove this post when requested to do so by MobiTV, effectively setting a nasty legal battle into motion. In fact, MobiTV went over Howard’s head and notified the site host that Howard Forums is violating their copyright. I hope Howard wins, because I love HoFo. Check the Digg story for more info.