Fido User Gets Dinged With $1500 iPhone Bill

Fido User Gets Dinged With $1500 iPhone Bill


That dog is not being blown away by the 3G high-speed experience. He’s being blown away by the bill that a Fido customer has received for misunderstanding his data configuration.

As you may have heard, Fido launched a series of Windows Mobile options that provide users with unlimited email and a set amount of wireless data. Howard Forums member anthonyho67 decided to take advantage of one of these options, but he tried doing it on his Apple iPhone. In the end, he ended up getting his phone service suspended and then he got hit with a $1500 phone bill for the data he’s used.

Ouch! Well, that’s what you get for not reading the fine print. Heck, the print wasn’t even that fine. These plans are for Fido-branded Windows Mobile phones only. Be careful out there.