BMW ConnectDrive Offers Live Internet Connection In Cars

BMW ConnectDrive Offers Live Internet Connection In Cars


The in-dash entertainment system found in our cars these days is getting more and more advanced by the day. We’ve already got music, movies, and navigation, but BMW wants to add Internet access to the mix too. Man, this sounds incredibly useful, especially if you need to quickly look up a phone number, blast off an email, or find out a movie showtime.

Yes, we realize that this could be pretty dangerous. People yakking on their cell phones and sending text messages is hazardous enough, let alone surfing the web and watching the latest YouTube video. Thankfully, the BMW ConnectDrive system will not work will the car is in motion. The browser is controlled through the iDrive interface, much like everything else in the car.

The service works over an EDGE connection, so we’re not sure if you need to sign up for a service on your own or if BMW covers that part of the equation for you. Furthermore, the technology compresses the data in a similar way to Opera Mini on cell phones. Look for a formal unveiling at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show.