Steve Jobs Gives Go-Ahead to iPhone VoIP

Steve Jobs Gives Go-Ahead to iPhone VoIP


Do you find that you’re using up far too many minutes on your iPhone? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take advantage of all those Wi-Fi hotspots around town and just yak it up via VoIP? Well, Steve Jobs and Apple have decreed that they will allow VoIP over a Wi-Fi connection if someone develops the application for the iPhone.

Apple did mention that they would prevent the use of VoIP over a cell network in order to protect AT&T. If you happen to find yourself surrounded in Wi-Fi, on the other hand, Steve Jobs is saying that it’s a-okay for you to chat with your friends using that Internet-based phone connection. This, in a sense, offers the same functionality as T-Mobile’s @Home program but without a monthly fee.

Now we just have to sit and wait as someone creates the VoIP program for the iPhone. The SDK is out there and free to download, so it’s only a matter of time.