Proof That Sony XPERIA X1 Coming to AT&T

Proof That Sony XPERIA X1 Coming to AT&T


I’d still take this with a grain of salt, but the Sony XPERIA X1 handset on display at CeBIT is certainly showing a lot more AT&T flavoring than what an unlocked phone should be showing. This is halfway across the world from the United States, so you have to admit it’s pretty curious to find so much AT&T stuff on the XPERIA X1.

As you can see from the provided image, there is a blatant AT&T logo right in the middle of the display. We also note that the XPERIA X1 comes with the correct bands for taking advantage of AT&T’s HSDPA and HSUPA high-speed wireless connections.

Naturally, we’re going to have to leave this to rumor for now, but if the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 does indeed launch with AT&T, I wonder how that will bode for the Apple iPhone. What about the HTC smartphones that AT&T already has? Will the XPERIA oust the Tilt?