Hands-On With First GPS Navigation System for iPhone (Video)

Hands-On With First GPS Navigation System for iPhone (Video)


I hate getting lost as much as the next person, but like most guys, I’m not so quick to pull over and ask for directions. I’d much rather rely on some piece of technology to point me in the right direction that some schlub working at the local gas station.

If you happen to own an iPhone or an iPod touch, you will soon be able to get true GPS navigation thanks the iGo MY Way 8 from Nav N Go. Marketed as the first GPS navigation system for the iPhone, the iGo My Way 8 fully supports standard turn-by-turn directions. The prototype is currently on display at CeBIT in Germany.

There are two versions from Nav N Go. The first is a WiFi key that grabs the GPS data and retransmits over WiFi. This way, you can give the key line of sight while keeping the iPhone in front of you. Alternatively, there is also a fob implementation that physically attaches to the iPhone or iPod Touch’s docking port.