Gigabyte M700 UMPC Runs Windows Vista Home Premium

Gigabyte M700 UMPC Runs Windows Vista Home Premium


Despite what some people may lead you to believe, the Asus Eee PC isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to ultraportable computing. Over at CeBIT in Germany, Gigabyte has just unveiled their new M700 UMPC.

Like so many other mini-tablets before it, the Gigabyte M700 UMPC gets outfitted with a seven-inch (touchscreen?) display, but it pushes the processing envelope a little further by running a full build of Windows Vista Home Premium. This is achieved through the 1.2GHz Via C7-M processor and 2GB of memory standard. The seven-inch screen has a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

Weighing it at only 1.43 pounds, this UMPC also comes loaded with dual webcams, GPS, and a WiMAX-capable ExpressCard. There’s no QWERTY keyboard, so you’ll probably have to make do with one of those on-screen virtual numbers. No details surrounding pricing or release dates were announced.