GeCube Genie PC Clones Eee PC, Gets Decapitated

GeCube Genie PC Clones Eee PC, Gets Decapitated


The Asus Eee PC has seemingly defined a new segment in the marketplace, shrinking the basic functionality of a web-connected laptop into a form factor that is much more portable. We’ve already seen competitors like the Everex CloudBook, but they didn’t really bring anything new to the table.

The GeCube Genie PC may look like just another Eee PC clone, but what makes this device a little more special is that the display can be detached from the keyboard altogether. Even in their separate states, the Genie PC maintains its full computer functionality, so if you want to mount the 7-inch display at a more comfortable location, you can do that. Too bad it’s not a touchscreen.

The rest of the specs are pretty much in line with the Eee, including 2GB of internal flash memory, a Linux operating system, and 2.1 pounds of total weight. We expect the retail price to be around $450.