Americans: Cell Phone More Valuable Than Internet

Americans: Cell Phone More Valuable Than Internet


We already know that most people are rocking some sort of cell phone these days, but I didn’t think that the masses felt more strongly about their mobiles than their MySpace, Hotmail, and Google-powered connection. A recent survey has determined that more Americans would have a harder time giving up their cell phone than they would giving up the Internet or television.

The margin between the two is fairly negligible, but it’s still quite noteworthy how much value is placed in that portable communication device. The results of the study say that 51% of Americans would have the toughest time giving up their cell phone, whereas only 48% responded as such in regards to the world wide web.

Speaking for myself, I’d be more inclined to give up my phone than my Internet, because I spend way more time each day online than I do on my phone. By the same accord, couldn’t I just stay connected using a VoIP-friendly mobile handset? That’s not technically a cell phone, right?