Video: Hands-On with Meizu M8 iPhone-Like Phone

Video: Hands-On with Meizu M8 iPhone-Like Phone


What’s the best way to compete against the Apple iPhone? Other companies may attempt to just take one or two key features from Apple’s mobile phone, but not Meizu. They’ve taken the whole shi-bang.

We’ve heard about the Meizu M8 in the past, but most of those tidbits have been restricted to hearsay and still pictures that merely depict what the M8 can do. Well, over at CeBIT in Germany, Meizu has proudly put their iPhone clone on display and someone was nice enough to post a hands-on video.

In the clip below, you’ll be able to see the Meizu M8 in action, but not all of the functions are working. In fact, there are several components that are still missing from the “prototype”. It’s not finished yet and it seems like launch is still some time off.