Panasonic Toughbook UMPC Gets Loaded with Atom CPU

Panasonic Toughbook UMPC Gets Loaded with Atom CPU


The Toughbook line from Panasonic is highly respected for being rugged and perfectly capable of working in the field. The latest addition to the Panasonic Toughbook series is this Toughbook UMPC and it’s getting powered by an Atom processor. This means that it can easily handle even the most advanced of applications without a hitch.

In fact, this rugged handheld — and I use the term “handheld” loosely — runs on what appears to be a complete build of Windows Vista, putting even some full-sized laptops to shame. The display is a 5.6-inch widescreen and it’s accompanied by a rugged QWERTY keyboard underneath. There’s also a series of other controls flanking the screen on either side.

The Toughbook UMPC, which is on display at CeBIT, is probably just as shockproof and spill-resistant as its notebook counterparts. Interestingly, the numerical keypad is right in the middle of the QWERTY. That’s… different.