No Flash Support For iPhone Sez Steve Jobs

No Flash Support For iPhone Sez Steve Jobs


The Apple iPhone is innovative, sure. It’s undeniably popular and people love the multi-touch interface and all that extra functionality that goes above and beyond what a regular cell phone can do. Despite being to surf the web with the greatest of ease in Safari Mobile, the iPhone still doesn’t support Flash. And Steve Jobs says it ain’t coming any time soon.

At this time, you are only able to enjoy a limited number of YouTube videos, getting barred from the full YouTube experience due to, you guessed it, a lack of Flash support. This has become incredibly annoying for many iPhone users, but the Jobsian one says that mobile Flash is too crappy for the iPhone while full Flash is too beefy.

Steve Jobs is saying that Apple won’t add Flash support to the iPhone until Adobe comes up with a version that fits right in between the mobile and regular versions of Flash. You know, the one that’s “juuuust right.” Don’t hold your breath.