Hell Freezes Over: Crocs Invade Cell Phone Holders

Hell Freezes Over: Crocs Invade Cell Phone Holders


Make no mistake, I hate crocs. I think they are the stupidest invention since the pet rock. (I take that back, the pet rock is actually pretty ingenious.) As if there weren’t enough people rocking the Croc already, someone has decided to start marketing Crocs-flavored cell phone holders.

Although I hate the physical appearance of Crocs footwear, you can see how they serve some purpose. The footwear is waterproof and provides a certain level of ventilation for your toes. But why would you even need any sort of ventilation for your cell phone? Ugh.

In any case, you can grab a Crocs-inspired mobile phone holder starting this May for $15. They’ll ship in black, silver, red, grape, fuchsia, celery, cotton candy, and turquoise. Excuse me as I hurl.