Fifth Gear Test Drives the Lexus IS-F (Video)

Fifth Gear Test Drives the Lexus IS-F (Video)


I love the Lexus IS. It may be a bit of a porker when you put it on the scale, but it looks absolutely stunning and the interior is about as luxurious as it gets. It is a Lexus, after all. And it can only get better when you add a performance-worthy letter at the end of it.

The Lexus IS-F is a beefed up version of the regular Lexus IS, busting out a formidable 416hp from its 5.0L direct-injected V8. That’s one monstrous powerplant for a luxury sports sedan and the 371 lbs-ft of torque isn’t anything to sneeze at either. Everything has been designed for high-speed cornering, so feel free to take it for a rip around the pylons.

Check out the Fifth Gear clip below and then start saving your pennies, because you’ll want one. I know I do.