Fido Launches Samsung SGH-E747 Slider

Fido Launches Samsung SGH-E747 Slider


With all this hullabaloo about having a high-speed 3G wireless connection, it’s a little curious that Fido has decided to launch the 3G-less Samsung SGH-E747. The slider phone has a form factor similar to the D600 from a couple of years back, but you would think that they’d get a 3G model for Fido subscribers.

You could say that Fido is already taking care of the 3G Samsung slider market with the A736, but is it not strange that the 3G-less E747 costs more than the 3G-equipped A736? At $75 with a three-year, the E747 costs $25 more than the A736.

Other features on the Samsung SGH-E747 from Fido includes quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 2 megapixel camera, turntable navigation, video capture, Bluetooth, mobile mail, integrated music player, and WAP browser.