Christian University Gives Away Free iPhones

Christian University Gives Away Free iPhones


When I went to school, all they gave me was a yellow ruler and a #2 pencil. If you decide to enroll at Abilene Christian University, however, they’ll provide you with a free iPod Touch or Apple iPhone. That’s right. Every student gets some Cupertino-flavored love.

It’s not that Abilene is trying to improve school spirit and provide them YouTube on the go, per se, because the devices are meant to be integrated into class. Instead of having to raise your hand in class, you can simply send an SMS or MMS to your teacher. The lecturer can beam quiz questions, slide shows, and other multimedia content directly to your iPhone.

You’ve got to wonder if the University is going to cripple these devices though. What’s stopping little Jimmy from surfing the web, listening to Slayer, and watching Marilyn Manson videos at the Christian school?