British Lampposts Padded To Prevent Texting Injuries

British Lampposts Padded To Prevent Texting Injuries


Whiskey tango foxtrot! Sending text messages has apparently become quite the societal problem and the British government has stepped in to prevent further injury to its residents.

We already know that trying to type out a text message while driving can be incredibly dangerous as it takes your eyes off the road for extended periods of time, but countless people still insist on texting while walking on the sidewalk. Inevitably, they bump into other people or slam into garbage cans. The injuries in England have become so numerous that they have started wrapping their lampposts in padding.

Padded lampposts! This is positively shameful, because it just shows that Brits aren’t aware enough to avoid walking into posts, pillars, and other obstacles as they’re sending an SMS to their BFF, LOLing and ROFLing as they slam into a post. Again.