Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid Concept Loves Mother Nature

Volkswagen Golf TDI Hybrid Concept Loves Mother Nature


To get even more fuel efficient, to get even more environmentally-friendly, Volkswagen has combined two technologies into the appropriately named Golf TDI Hybrid concept car. As you can imagine, this hot hatchback makes use of the company’s famous turbodiesel technologies but it also combines it with an electric motor for optimal fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

On the one hand, you’ve got a tiny 1.2L inline-3 diesel engine (TDI). On the other hand, you’ve got a 220V electric motor. These are mated to Volkswagen’s newest 7-speed DSG transmission. According to the reps in Geneva, the Golf TDI Hybrid puts out a mere 89g/kg of CO2 emissions while offering an affordable 69 miles on the gallon.

The 73hp diesel engine only kicks in when the throttle is “generously applied or at highway speeds.” Otherwise, the 27hp electric motor does the brunt of the work. Yeah, it’s not the fastest or most powerful thing on the road, but you’ll appreciate it during your rare trips to the pump.