SanDisk Adapter Automatically Backs Up Your Notebook

SanDisk Adapter Automatically Backs Up Your Notebook


We’ve got a lot of data on your laptops these days and it would suck if we suddenly lost all that work, all that music, and all those pictures. While there are several automated solutions on the market already, most of these have scheduled backups. What about changes that happen between each scheduled backup session?

The SanDisk ExpressCard FlashBack Adapter is probably one of the most seamless backup solutions available for laptops today, because it automatically backs up your data the moment you change it. There is no schedule; each time you save a file on your notebook hard drive, a copy is also made through the adapter. This device fits into your ExpressCard slot and then it accepts an SD or SDHC memory card for storage.

Using the included Windows software, you simply specify which files and folders you want to have backed up automatically. This way, if your notebook suddenly crashes, you have a real-time backup of your data.