Dell Latitude XFR D630: Come With Me If You Want to Live

Dell Latitude XFR D630: Come With Me If You Want to Live


This truly could be the Terminator of rugged laptops, because the Dell Latitude XFR D630 is probably one of the toughest portable computers available on the market today. Competing directly against offerings like the Panasonic ToughBook line, the D630 represents the first fully ruggedized laptop from Dell.

Much like a ToughBook, the XFR D630 comes with a handle for portability and an extra tough shell that will withstand all sorts of abuse, including extreme temperatures, moisture, altitude, and whatever else Mother Nature can dish out. It does mean DoD standards after all. The keyboard is sealed and all the innards, including the SSD, have been shock-protected. Dell says that the D630 offers 23% better performance than a Toughbook.

Other specs include a Core 2 Duo processor, 14.1-inch screen, 802.11n WiFi, GPS, and “high-end thermal management for the processor and RAM.” They’ve also opted for Windows XP instead of Vista, presumably because certain military applications aren’t ready for Vista just yet. Available now with prices starting at $3,899.