The Color Purple, Starring 3G iPod nano

The Color Purple, Starring 3G iPod nano


If you’re not already satisfied with the current palette of colors for the Apple iPod nano, you may soon have the option to choose a grape-flavored portable music player. The ad displayed here is from a Circuit City flyer and it’s displaying a purple iPod nano alongside the other colors, pointing toward the possible launch of a new color option.

Curiously, when you mouse over the electronic version of the ad, a different model number pops up, potentially pointing toward the possibility that this new nano comes with new firmware, new functionality, or some other change above and beyond the painting of the exterior casing. That said, you would think that the new color would become available directly through Apple first, wouldn’t you?

The other possibility is that Circuit City jumped the gun a little and Apple will be announcing the purple iPod nano tomorrow. Cupertino prefers Tuesdays, after all.