More Details Surrounding Asus Eee PC 900

More Details Surrounding Asus Eee PC 900


The original Asus Eee PC created quite the buzz in the computer world. It’s not that it was particularly powerful or anything like that, but people loved the build quality and the compact form factor. One of the bigger problems with the Eee PC, no pun intended, is that the seven-inch display is too small for some folks. Asus is addressing that with the Eee PC 900.

We’ve been hearing rumors about this larger model for a little while now, but has unearthed a few more details concerning this other Eee PC model. For starters, the display gets a bump up to 8.9-inches and by the looks of things, the bezel around the screen is significantly reduced.

They also note that the Asus Eee PC 900 will come with a faster processor, 1GB of RAM standard, and SSD options as high as 12GB. These are all improvements over the current model. The price will also go up and they say that the sticker is reading 399 Euro.