Five Times the Storage on New Sony Hard Drives

Five Times the Storage on New Sony Hard Drives


Finding space to stash all of your multimedia has become an increasingly frustrating challenge. From high-definition videos to countless music files, the hard drive on your laptop is literally bursting at the seams. Sony is coming to the rescue with a new hybrid magnet/laser system for hard drives, effectively increasing capacity five-fold. That’s right, on the same-sized platter as you have right now, you can enjoy up to five times the memory.

This new method of writing information is said to be even viable for notebook computers. Current hard drives rely solely on magnetics, but this hybrid system more closely resembles that of optical technologies. By combining their efforts, the Sony drive is able to write information at a density as high as 125GB per square inch. The rest of the HDD remains fairly traditional.

You may be reasonably proud of the 320GB hard drive you have in your laptop now, but imagine if a near identical setup could provide you with 1.6TB of space. Cool.