Apple Can’t Keep Up With MacBook Air Demand

Apple Can’t Keep Up With MacBook Air Demand


Everyone thought that the MacBook Air was far too expensive for what it offered. Everyone thought that sales would be pretty stagnant compared to the regular MacBook and MacBook Pro. As it turns out, though, the MacBook Air is more popular that Apple expected and they’re having a tough time keeping up with orders, both in store and online.

If you waltz into a random Apple store in your area, there’s a good chance that the MacBook Air is not available there. Much like the Nintendo Wii (which has already been out for almost a year and a half), shipments of the MacBook Air seems to be selling out on the day the shipment arrives. People trying to circumvent this frustration by ordering online are only met with further delays: a 5-7 day wait for online orders.

While this may almost sound like great news for Apple — the MBA selling like hotcakes? — it could also mean that Cupertino just didn’t expect this level of demand and they had production at a significantly lower level. I haven’t seen one at a local coffee shop yet, if that means anything.