Verizon Unlimited Data Capped At Five Gigabytes

Verizon Unlimited Data Capped At Five Gigabytes


Someone needs to get a dictionary to every cellular service provider, because they seem to have trouble understanding the definition of unlimited. It turns out that when you subscribe to the $59.99 unlimited mobile broadband plan from Verizon, you don’t actually get access to unlimited data.

Instead, they have capped your quota at a mere 5GB in each billing cycle. If you go over this limit (on your unlimited plan no less), Verizon will tack on an extra charge of $0.49 per megabyte. For those of you who need a little help with the math, this works out to a whopping $490 per gigabyte! Yikes!

Most moderate Internet users will likely stay under the 5GB cap, but if you use your Verizon modem card for any video or music downloads, you may be in for a rather expensive surprise.