Sprint Simply Unlimited Has No Love For BlackBerry

Sprint Simply Unlimited Has No Love For BlackBerry


Everyone got all excited about the $99 Simply Unlimited Plan from Sprint, but it turns out that there are a few limits to this unlimited-ness. For instance, you cannot go unlimited on your BlackBerry. This follows up on a recent report saying that Sprint’s plan already doesn’t include everything.

Even so, the official Sprint Simply Unlimited Page says that the plan includes unlimited email and this includes ActiveSync, Windows Mobile with Direct Push, Versamail, IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). It says right there that this plan should work with the ‘Berries of the world, but a quick call to customer service reveals otherwise.

According to the CS rep, you can use BIS so long as it’s not with a BlackBerry. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Sprint?