Sprint Unlimited Plan Includes Absolutely Everything

Sprint Unlimited Plan Includes Absolutely Everything


It seems like these smorgasbord style cell phone plans are really catching on. While the $99 offerings from Verizon and AT&T let you yak it up with as many minutes as you’d like, T-Mobile’s plan adds as many text messages as your fingers can handle. Sprint is taking the unlimited concept several steps further, because their new $99 unlimited plan really does include everything.

Yes, everything. In addition to an unlimited number of voice minutes and text messages, the $99 monthly fee will also grant you access to Sprint TV, Sprint Music, GPS , Direct Connect, Group Connect, and — most notably of all — unlimited data. Feel free to surf the web at 3G speeds and not have to worry about counting those kilobytes (and dollars). Not everyone will get maximum value out of the $99 plan, but heavy users are easily saving huge chunks of cash by taking this route.

Why can’t Canadian providers come up with something like this? We’re still in the dark ages of mobile data!