Solar Laptop Concept Actually Makes Sense

Solar Laptop Concept Actually Makes Sense


Global warming and carbon footprints being what they are, we should always be on the lookout for “greener” alternatives. If the grocery store is only a couple blocks from your house, maybe you could walk there instead of drive there. The solar laptop concept from designer Nikola Knezevic might look a little weird, but it makes absolute sense both in terms of saving the environment and saving a few bucks from your electricity bill.

Attached to the top half of your laptop is a solar panel that can then be folded out to catch the maximum amount of the sun’s rays possible. While the laptop is in its closed position, the solar panel can still be directed towards the energy of the sun, ensuring that your battery is always fully topped up for computing on the go. I’d imagine that such an integration wouldn’t be that pricey.

Other than the solar panel, Nikola’s reference design also calls for satellite link GPS, internet access, and satellite telephone. Tossed into a rugged shell, this solar lapeop could be an excellent resource for surveyors and other professionals who work outdoors.