First Microsoft Surface Game Is Full of Bugs (Video)

First Microsoft Surface Game Is Full of Bugs (Video)


We’re still waiting for the commercial launch of Microsoft Surface, but in the meantime, we can check out other applications that Microsoft has in store for us with their multi-touch capable table computer. Sarcastic Gamer had the opportunity to sit down with a Microsoft guy, enjoying the first video game designed specifically for the Microsoft Surface. Dubbed Firefly, the simple game gets players to corral fluttering bugs into glass jars.

Because of the multitouch interface, up to four players can enjoy Firefly at the same time, and each of these players can use as many fingers as they’d like. The idea is to drag the fireflies into your glass jar, amassing a larger bug army that your opponents. The concept is simple and it is meant to only demonstrate how gaming could work on the Surface.

Anyone can herd fireflies, so these kinds of games will appeal largely to casual players rather than hardcore PC frag warriors. Oh, and you can squish those bugs too.