Video: Recover Deleted Text Messages From SIM Card

Video: Recover Deleted Text Messages From SIM Card


Oops. Have you ever had the experience where you accidentally deleted a text message from your phone? The one with some sort of incredibly important piece of information? Perhaps it was an address, a meeting time, or the measurements for the girl of your dreams. Whatever the case, it can be a pretty frustrating experience.

BrickHouse Security has come up with a very simple solution that will effectively recover any deleted text messages from a SIM card. The Cell Phone Sim Card Spy dives into the memory centers of your SIM card, nabbing all sorts of presumably lost information. This extends beyond deleted SMS too, because it is able to look into the last numbers dialed too.

The “nice” application would be for your own personal recovery, but I’d imagine that snooping significant others might find alternate reasons for this device. In fact, BrickHouse is totally focusing on the latter motivation rather than the former. Find the Cell Phone Sim Card Spy for $149.