T-Mobile Canada With 3G In the Works

T-Mobile Canada With 3G In the Works


Canada needs another major GSM service provider, because Rogers/Fido pretty much has a GSM monopoly around these parts. Sure, us Canucks can hop over to the CDMA side, but if you want to use unlocked world phones, GSM is really the only way to go. As it turns out, Canadians may soon be faced with another GSM option in the form of T-Mobile. And it’s gonna be 3G.

That’s the report coming from a CIBC internal note, pointing toward T-Mobile’s interest in establishing a 3G network in Canada. The note says that T-Mobile — based out of Germany — is not interested in buying an existing network, but would rather set up a whole new network of their own. Competition could help to drive prices down and options up around these parts.

The biggest hurdle for T-Mobile is that Canadian Telecommunications law prefers (requires?) that the owner of a telecommunication company be Canadian. Maybe T-Mo can find a way in through a Canadian partner?