Real-Time Billing Info Available On Vodafone Cell Phones

Real-Time Billing Info Available On Vodafone Cell Phones


We all hate having to call into a customer service line because you’ll either be put on hold for hours on end, get frustrated talking to an inept CS rep, or both. It sucks, right? Vodafone is making their customer service experience a little more streamlined by offering their customers a self-serve option on their phones.

Navigating through a series of simple menus, subscribers are able to check up on their current balance, remaining minutes, and all that other pertinent account information. In the future, Vodafone can use this gateway to also provide interactive promotions and tutorials, but for now, it’s all about self-serve customer service.

The initial launch will be made available on handsets using an Open OS — S60, UIQ, Windows Mobile — but Vodafone hopes to implement the SNAPin SelfService feature in the majority of their phones over time.