Livre E-Book Concept Offers Better Tactile Experience

Livre E-Book Concept Offers Better Tactile Experience


Read for some retro chic? The idea behind the Amazon Kindle is nice and all, but not everyone is ready to jump into the wholly new experience of an e-book. Part of the reason why some people are hesitant to enjoy an e-book reader is that they typically do not offer the same tactile experience as thumbing through a real book. The Livre concept is meant to address that.

Yes, there is a fair bit of bulk to the Livre, making it a fair bit thicker than the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle, but this extra thickness — along with the soft cover — give the Livre more of a “real” feel to it, helping the more traditional amongst us to embrace the e-book format. It’s a little less sterile.

Going further, the Livre concept is also supposed to come with multitouch page flicking. Everyone loves multitouch, but we’re thinking that the response time offered by e-ink technology isn’t quite ready for this functionality just yet.